Thursday, April 3, 2014

Day O' Love '14

This year I was exited to have a long candy trail for the kiddos to wake up to. They kids arose bright and were hard to stall until I git ready.
Cupid brought everyone some fun stuff thus year!
Romantically enough, Cory asked for a trash can for V-day so in an effort to make it somewhat exciting I stuffed it full of goodies and UofO things and placed Oregon decals on it, in the bottom of the trash which you can;t see is a UofU decal.
Cory got me a pretty necklace with my birthstones in them and made a fun archery card which Cami loved!
Phoebe got all things Frozen, Josh had a racing theme, Sophie was general Princess, & Cami got all Brave items.
The kiddos then had an extra treat with the humongous stuffed full v-day bags Grandma/pa Potts sent!
For V-day this year Phoebe got to sport her new super curly hair that we did the night before and along with the cute v-day dress and gumball machine that came from grandma/pa Potts' bags.
Sophie sported her new v-day dress and came and helped me with Phoebe's class party.

On a side note this year Cory planed and super cute V-day date, which we actually celebrated night before V-day. We went and had archery lessons at a local shooting range (because Cupid shoots arrows!! Yep, I have pretty clever hubby). We had an hour to practice our craft then we had a contest to see who was the better shot, I won with 3 in the red nearly in the yellow.
After shooting we ate a DELICIOUS dinner at Texas Longhorns (thanks for the gift card Mom & Dad!). We then headed home to relieve the sitters and count up our who hours worth of shots to see who the overall winner was, of course we made a small wager to keep things interesting.
I I won I got a good long foot message and if he won....I can't remember and it it didn't matter because of course I WON! This was one of my all time favorite dates ever and as a memento we are framing our target ranges to hang in our future game room. THANKS for an awesome v-day date babe!

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