Friday, March 21, 2014

Jan Tidbits

In January Phoebe got  her first daddy date and it was to the car wash to wash my very dirty van. We were worried that something so small and short would please her, but she still talks about how much she loved going to do it with daddy.
The kids have been enjoying their new UofO outfits grandma/pa sent them for Christmas, "Go Oregon!"
 The cold days have brought with them a lot of naps and snuggling up sometimes in really strange places.
 I think the cabin fever got to them sometimes too! I told Cami to get dressed and this is what she came out in, daddy's shirt.
We managed to have a couple family movie days, the top pic is blue themed for the Smurfs 2 movie and the middle & bottom pics are just a Friday family movie days & nights. As you can see we NEED a bigger couch for us all!
 Phoebe was off track for 1/2 of January so we spend A LOT of time playing and drilling words for Phoebe. It paid off though, she got a certificate upon returning to school from her teacher for the great improvement she made in her sight words.
 Josh was invited a way to now always carry his digger with him but yet remain hands free!
Sophie got her very first daddy date ever and they went to the park, while the other kiddos were at a primary activity. Even though it was freezing with snow still on the ground she had a blast!
Cami created a new workout video on how to burn 5 minutes (not lbs) off of you, which is greatly needed right after gaining a bit over the holidays.
Sophie really enjoyed some of the extra attention again as all the kiddos went back to school. She spent time reading the book of Mormon and finding old baby stuff I was trying to get rid of.
January was a cold grey month and I am glad we got a little sunny escape from it and I am especially glad we have a bigger house to play in on all those cold dark snowy days!

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