Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fall Time Doughnut Weeked

As is our tradition General Conference weekends are doughnut weekend for us!
This year was the first time that the kids were actually entertained and quiet through a lot of the morning conference with church coloring pages. It was so blissful I had to take  pic to remind myself it really did happen.
On Saturday afternoon the kids all attended a costume party next door, we of course didn't have our costumes for this year ready so the kids just put together some dress-ups from their play boxes, they turned out really cute!
The rest of the evening the kids tried to "sneak" up and scare me with their creepy fangs they got at the party, luckily they are as quiet as a heard of elephants so I have time to practice my scared face for them long before they actually get to me.
Even though we didn't do all of our normal conference weekend traditions we still had a ton of fun and I LOVED every bit of it and am really sad when it ends.

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