Friday, August 30, 2013

Sandy Balloon Glow 2013

Last year we discovered the Sandy Balloon Festival so for the last year we have been looking forward to repeating the fun! I admit this year was a bit of a let down, because none of the other Fergys joined us and it was a bit windy so they didn't blow up any of the balloons. We did get to, however, play on the grass, hear local live music, and eat candy.
On the way back to the car we saw in the distance a balloon beginning to be blown up so we went and watched it, the kids were thrilled they got to see something after all. 
We only ever saw 2 balloons and we were guessing they were the renegade balloon handlers because there were several other balloon owners there with their trucks but no one else blew theirs up. The two that did get inflated were even still being blown a bit crazily everywhere in the wind so they did not allow any people in the balloon baskets. This hops of their year were an bit "deflated" due to the wind, but hopefully it will be much more fun next year!

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