Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cory's Big 33rd B-day Bash

This year Cory turned the big 33 which was the same ole to me since I messed up last year and thought he already was 33.
The kiddos really got into Daddy's birthday this year and Phoebe made daddy a card and insisted we had to get him a candy bar to put with the card, too cute! Josh then feeling left out on the gift giving process ran into the kitchen and grabbed a mostly drank bottle of water to give daddy for his birthday, which we all also loved! 
For Cory's big birthday breakfast we had one of his favs homemade biscuits and gravy with fresh fruit!
This year we just hung out at home the whole day a first for Cory's b-day we normal go have a big gathering with the Fergy gang, but instead with just had them visit us for a bit. Here is a "loving" pic of the two b-day boys:
After the family left Cory went and planted his birthday flowers and the kiddos ran in the sprinklers until SOAKING wet then tried to dry off on the warm sidewalk
For our dinner Cory chose to have shish kabobs, but unfortunately, 1/2 way through cooking then the gas in our grill ran out so we had to finish them on our George Forman grill (totally not as yummy).
The big birthday cake this year was a new experiment for me, lava cakes. The verdict on them...the BEST chocolaty goodness to have ever touched our lips and Cory says he has craved them fortnightly ever since.
We then once again went out like the 4th of July and put out little blankets on our lawn and enjoyed watching all the fun fireworks going off all around us. This was a very relaxing and fun birthday this year and might just be the new family norm. 
For Cory's big b-day present from me this year I got home a gift certificate to Tucano's Brazilian grill and tickets to the Jason Aldean Concert that was only 3 days after his b-day. The dinner was delicious as Tucano's always is! After dinner we then went to the concert where 3 big country starts were actually performing, Thomas Rhett, Jake Owen & Jason Aldean. The venue was the big soccer stadium ad we have front row seats of the bleachers, which in my opinion was perfect because we got to see without standing the whole night. Sitting was a key factor for me because Cory had a wish earlier in the summer to take me to a country concert and have me dress up like a little cowgirl so I had new boots on that night that were a bit painful after the longer walk from the car to the stadium. The front row also provided an awesome people watching spot. We saw only 1000s of cowboy hats and two even made out of old beer boxes. We saw this classy gentleman in his half snapped up overalls and then the matching girl complete with trucker hat later that evening, I wish I had a pic of her too. We saw a couple of Joe Dirt look a likes and lots & LOTS of drunk people.
 I would diffidently go to some more country concerts they provided some of the best character watching I've seen since collage. This was a pretty fun night very relaxing and the weather couldn't have been better! 

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