Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I'm Comin' Home!

The trip back to Utah was highly anticipated and a few weeks before we left I found out I would be making the trip alone. That's right, 850 mile with 4 kiddo SOLO! We started off a little worrisome  with Phoebe getting carsick in the first hour miles and requiring a FULL wardrobe change. Luckily after that one snafu the rest of the trip was one of the easiest ever! The kiddos were happy to listen to music and watch only one movie in the 2 day trip, which is unheard of. The weather was even great, except for 1 minute in southern Idaho where it was a blizzard. When we got to the Utah border Phoebe and I hopped out of the car for a nice quick pic, but after we discovered the wind at 20+mph making it freezing outside and Phoebe losing her shoe down a snake whole we were eager to run back to the warmth car!
We came back to Utah a day early to surprise Cory, which he was, luckily my SIL Amber and family were gracious enough to let our whole gang crash on their couch for the night. Th next morning we took the kiddo to Krispy Kreams for a treat. They loved watching the doughnuts get make and eating the melty warm doughnuts right off the production line.
After breakfast we finished the last 45 minutes of our big trip to surprise the rest of the Fergy gang. This trip turned out to be SEVERAL more weeks then we originally planned, but it was a fun trip and something I always will be glad that we got the chance for the kiddos to experience new things like what Oregon is like  in the winter, what being a dog family would be like and what it was like live so long next to grandma/pa Potts. The time, although long in the moment, flew by for me looking back and I am really happy to be home as a whole family again.

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