Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Over the Hills and Through the Woods...

In he beginning of Sept we finally got the opportunity to go up to Afton, WY and visit great grandma Wilkes & Carolyn. Unfortunately, we could only do a day visit which upset kiddos, but poor grandma is too old to handle all our craziness for too long. The kids loved surprising grandma and playing with her toys while daddy enjoyed sleeping on grandmas couch (something we thoroughly mocked him for). Cami showed grandma how to build with Legos, while Josh discovered the trucks.
Phoebe loved these wooden blocks and built a zoo with giraffes and her name, which the help of grandma Fergy. 
Grandma sent us to Burger King for lunch, which is always a staple of visiting great grandmas house. After lunch we came back for a few minutes, but unfortunately we then we had to make the trip home again. 
Hopefully next year we can at least squeeze in a walk around her house, that is one of our favorite actives to do and this year we just didn't have time to venture out for one. Hopefully, next year the twins will be more obliged for pictures with grandma too.

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