Friday, November 11, 2011

The Twins are TWO

The day after arriving home again from vacation the twins celebrated their 2nd birthdays. This year I was glad to see they didn't cry when we put their party hats. We then wet right down and opened up their gifts under the birthday tree, really it was just left from Phoebe's birthday and everyone liked it so I didn't take it down.
Josh was really into openeing all his gifts and he did quickly all by himself.
Cami on the other hand paid as much interested in her gifts as one would reading a piece of junk mail. We ended up begging her to come back so we could open presents together, but eventually we had to open them for her and just show her and you can see by her face, still how much interest she had in them.
Here are my three "biggies" in their b-day clothes from grandmas. 
Later that afternoon while the twins were napping, Phoebe & I went down and picked out the twins b-day cupcakes (sorry to disappoint all throes who thought I would homebake greatness, I DON'T do birthday cakes). While we were out Phoebe got to spend her $2 that she got from Grandma Potts and these were the treats she picked.
After mini pizzas for dinner the twins blew their candles out on the cakes. Once again Cami was blew hers out immediately and Josh had a bit of trouble getting his candles out. Bless his heart, he sure is zealous with his little blows, but he just has no since of aim with them. When he finally got his candles out all the kids enjoyed frosting only part of their cupcakes.
Second birthdays around here tend to be luster lacking, but they had fun still. 
I just had to add this last picture because Josh is giving me the angry eyes, something that is getting to be a more common around here, but it never ceases to make me laugh.

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That last picture cracks me up.