Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Swing & Other Baby Things

The twins LOVED their baby swing they were sad when we finally packed it up about 9 mos ago. Well, much to their relief we finally put it back up for Sophie, however, she rarely gets to be the one occupying it.
Every once in a while she gets to swing, but I don't thinks she loves it nearly as much as her older siblings.
The swing isn't the only baby item they have hijacked, the twins also love the baby bouncer and Cami can be found taking short cat naps in it often.
Even though the twiners LOVE Sophie's bouncer, she still gets to occupy it quite a bit, however, the batteries are constantly dying in it because 19 mo old little fingers like to turn on the sounds and vibrations every chance they get.
Let's hope for Sophie's sake she isn't going to be as slight as Phoebe, or she is never going to be able to stake claims from her bigger siblings on any of her things.

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