Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cory's Date Night

May's date night was one of Cory's four date months and he came up with the theme of European Romance. We tried to keep this month simple because we didn't know how it would work with a new babe. Cory made a GREAT date night, even if we did end up having a date crasher in tow. We put most of the kids to bed then got Cory's Easter Bunny movie The Tourist and watched it  while enjoying yummy European treats: Sparkling cider, grapes, Baby Belle cheese, french bread with oil & vinegar, & Swiss chocolates. This date night was a lot of fun, even if both of us fell asleep on the couch long before the movie ended.

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Ashley Ferguson Moreno said...

How did you like the movie? We watched it the other night and found it very different from what we expected it to be like. We thought it was okay, but really slow-moving.