Sunday, March 6, 2011

Nat'l Pancake Day 2011

On Tuesday afternoon I happen to see that it was Nat'l Pancake Day and in celebration IHOP was giving away a free short stack of pancakes to every guest.  I thought that this probably would be something that the kids would all love to to partake in so to IHOP we went.  On a side note this is the first time our family has gone out to eat at a sit down restaurant without any extended family (we usually only go out as as whole family if it is a an extended family celebration) since the twins were born 16 mos ago.
Phoebe of course didn't eat but the top crust off one pancake (I mean top crust too she peeled it off the pancake), but the twins finished off a whole short stack by themselves.  
The absolute true treat for Phoebe was when Miss Murray came by to say hello.  Phoebe was so excited to meet a real princess with a sparkley crown. 
As Phoebe was going to bed that night she thanked Heavenly Father for getting to see the princess with her sparkley princess crown.

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PMG Smith Family said...

I don't know how, but we always manage to miss National Pancake Day. Maybe next year...