Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fergy Firsts

Last week I got to attend the ribbon cutting of Cory's very first building that was all his design and construction.  It was for the Utah Career Center aka PipeWorks.  This is a school for union tradesmen such as plumbers, hvac&r workers, welders, & pipefitters. This is where they get their accreditations and advancement certifications.
Below is a drawing of the building from above & pictures of the front of the building during the day & evening.
This room is located in the front of the building & can be seen from outside too.  It houses all the plumbing and mechanical units.  It is lit with changing LED lights for a fun effect but it is a practical learning classroom for the student who attend the school too.
For the "ribbon" cutting the Pipe Tradesmen constructed a copper pipping gate, which they then cute with pipe cutters and it became a gate you could walk through to enter the building.
Here are some details I just wanted to note. One was the board with all those who contributed to the building.  We would hope they thanked Cory personally as we have seen at other buildings, but no such luck. The second was this cool table that was made out of functional pipes and glass. The glass table has 2 panels of inch thick glass on it & each panel of glass weighs 200 lbs.
This last picture was just something I saw that I thought was funny.  Note this is a tent with NO walls & yet they posted an exit sign....really can't you just exit the entirely open space from just about anywhere?!?!
I forgot to say that we attended, at the end of September, the first birthday of Jared Michael, the first of the great Fergy Baby Rush of '09.  I can't believe all these little ones are now turning one!


Ashley Ferguson Moreno said...

Just in case you're not sure where to is ONE exit option. The people who need this are the people who also probably need Poptart instructions.

Charisse said...

Congratulations Cory! Very cool building, and I really like the table.