Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Packin' in the Fun in the beginning of August

On no now we are in trouble! Both the twiners are crawling and this little girl now can stand and has tries to master the art of stair climbing whenever we forgot  to put the chair down. Unfortunately, she even has experienced some stair falling too.
Since Cami is instantiate on growing and not staying permanently small like her older sister, I had to try to get  a cute picture of these two in their matching dress since they are my favorite and Cami is about to grow out of hers.  I couldn't get both to cooperate at the same time so here is the happy medium of them both. 
Last Monday, our complex had a big BBQ. We met at our new playground/basketball court and had tons of great food. We also had the mayor, the police department with sidekick crash dummies and the fire department who gave tours of heir truck, if you came to see the truck you also got a sticker which Phoebe was sure to cash in on.
Last week our neighbor lent us their pool which excited Phoebe to no end. She loved the pool and wanted to spend all day in it and also lay down nap in it too. She went between the pool and chalk drawing all morning.  Phoebe prefers to draw with the chalk when it is wet, I guess that it draws with more vibrate color then. The next day as I filled the pool up in the morning so the water would be warm at noon Phoebe was too impatient to wait and she went right outside and got climbed in in all of her clothes. She then came back inside to show me as if it was something I would be happy with, which brings us full circle to why we no longer own a pool.
Back in April when grandpa/ma Potts came to visit they brought Phoebe a sunflower kit to grow herself. The seeds in the pot never grew because Phoebe wouldn't leave them alone, but 3 sunflowers of the sunflowers hat we planed in the yard are now beginning to bloom. All three are now in bloom, but the picture below is one of the first days that  the first one opened up...my mom and I laugh that these sunflowers grew to be about 4 ft tall and yet they cam in the smallest 1 in clay pot to plant them in.


Alan, Amber, Emma, and Zachary said...

How fun to plant sunflowers! Maybe I am going to have to do that for my kids next year. Also, it's funny how much bigger Cami looks than Phoebe! Once she starts toddlin' around she just may look older than Phoebs even though there is a 2 year difference.

Alan, Amber, Emma, and Zachary said...

Also, we need to come enjoy your new playground sometime!! Maybe when it is less HOT outside we can enjoy it more!!!