Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sew Determined: February Edition

Last month I admit I didn't feel much like sewing so I put off doing any project until the las minute. This ment that I didn't have much time to do a project and I am a pretty slow sewer so it had to be something really simple, enter in the Dishtowel Dress.

It took me about 30 minutes to go from towels to dress. It would take a more proficient sewer only about 10-15 minutes, hintz the name 10 minute Dish Towel Dress. This dress can also be made adorably with bandannas.
Here is the dress modeled on my wee Phoebs.  I know it is a bit too long, but she'll grow into it. 

I don't know how people always show pictures of their toddlers/children posed so cutely. This was the best picture I could get in 2 days of her wearing the dress. My other picture options are also shown: crying Phoebe or tantrum ball Phoebe.
March's sewing adventure will be the girls Easter dresses: The Sweet Dress.  Here is a sample picture of the pattern I am using; I am hoping my two little purple dresses come out as well as this picture.

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Stephanie Mason said...

I was laughing out loud read this today in my cubicle at work!
Fox is the same way about photos- I'll ask him to say cheese- right when he begins to say 'cheese' he starts to move around- walk around the room, so I can't even get a good cute picture of him!
I'm sorry about your day with the pee on the floor but that made my day with a good laugh!