Monday, February 22, 2010

V-Day in the Fergy Home

This year for Valentines because Phoebe was older we were able to do more fun activities. We made/colored valentines. Although due to the fact that they has suckers in them Phoebe could not bare to part with any, so sorry if you never received one.
We also made our traditional Valentines trail from the door to the gifts, every person has their own candy trail. There are four trails in this pic but Phoebe's was made out of M&Ms and they don't show well in this picture. Phoebe had M&Ms the twins shared a Conversation Heart trail Cory's was made out of Reese's hearts and I had a Hersey Kisses trail.
Here was what awaited everyone at the end of the trail.
Here are the twins with their trails. Cami is pictured at he the start of the trail and Josh is pictured at the end with his prize.
Phoebe was fun with the trail this year because she was thrilled to have her door opened up and see Ms on the ground. She immediately started shoving all of them into her mouth along with everyone else's candy trails. This year Phoebe received princess dress ups, she got made we could not open the box up fast enough for her. As you can see I had a hard time getting s good pic of her. This was one of the only non blurry pictures I could get.
This was awaited Cory and I at the end of our trails. I made Cory a Reese's bouquet with a $25 gift card to Braza Grill. I also dyed some snow with Phoebs and took the pic of her standing next to her message to daddy. Lastly but not least I gave Cory Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, but hid this one on the fridge so it was a bonus surprise when he went to get Phoebe some milk later that morning. Before you think we spent way too much I will let you in on a little secret... our budget was only $20 and I didn't cheat, except for $2-3 dollars on shipping. Thanks for the great deals & Amazon!
Cory get me the movie Serendipity, I have always wanted that one, and tickets to a local theater called Desert Star which is a legendary dinner playhouse in Salt Lake and a must do I have never done. We will be seeing Twi-lite, a spoof on the movie Twilight. I am super excited to go.
For breakfast we enjoyed heart shaped strawberry pancakes.I made them super thick, but they still tasted great. For dinner we had spaghetti with heart shaped meatballs, but you couldn't tell the meatballs were heart shaped so they are not pictured.
On one last side note Grandma Potts sent Phoebe some stamp looking stickers in her V-day gift...this is what she chose to do with them. Little to say she possessed those stickers for a very short while.

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