Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Our Very Hungry Catapillar

Last Saturday Night was the annual ward Christmas party and we were assigned to bring desert. I chose to make a yummy Chocolate Passion Bowl as pictured below.

But at last this was not to be for we had a very hungry caterpillar in our mists. While we were upstairs changing wee twiners into their party attire our lil' caterpillar was inching a chair over to the stove to eat through the cooling brownies on the stove. She then ran back up to where we were in the nursery and gave us a large incriminating smile with blacken brownie teeth and crumbs on her face. It was obvious what she had done to my desert. As seen below she had no sign of remorse.

After surveying the damage we contemplated what we should do. We could probably still make it and no one would be the wiser since the brownies were covered up or we could quick make some more brownies. In the end however, we opted to take the third choice, stop at the local bakery on the way to the church and buy a new desert, as pictured below.

Once at the Christmas party, our hungry caterpillar didn't stop. Within two seconds of taking off her coat she ran away from us and found the desert table where she stole a chocolate cupcake. She then proceeded to lick only the frosting off of it and then before we could stop her she ran again and grabbed another one off the table. After that point we kept her on our laps where she proceeded to steel all my deserts off my plate when no one was watching. As if she hadn't had enough sweets guess who comes bearing more?

Santa Clause! He had wrapped candy canes for all who paid him a visit, and thanks to our kind neighbor Phil for opening it for Phoebs so she could then proceed to have her 90th sugary item of the night. I am surprised we still managed to put her to bed before ten o'clock after all that sugar.

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